xCEEdium: xCEEd’s official currency

xCEEd Conference are proud to lead the way in Fintech by being the first to offer their own event-based cryptocurrency – xCEEdium!

Based on the latest innovations in Blockchain technology, xCEEdium has become a currency in its own right, and can soon be bought and sold like any other fiat or cryptocurrency! Launching at the xCEEd Conference in 2018, xCEEdium will allow delegates a chance to have a first-hand experience of cryptocurrencies in a tangle and fun way.

Registration for the conference is a simple process:

  1. You choose how many tickets you want and buy via Eventbrite
  2. You pay for the tickets in Euros and we’ll convert some of the ticket cost to xCEEdiums and place them in a new digital wallet for you to use at the conference. Standard Class tickets get 800 xCEEdiums, and Business Class tickets get 1600.
  3. We’ll automatically send the tickets to your email address
  4. You can download our app to access your digital wallet

The amount of xCEEdiums you get with each ticket will decrease the closer we get to the conference, so the earlier you buy your ticket, the more xCEEdiums you’ll receive!