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XCEED APP – get in touch and stay in touch!

  • All sponsors, exhibitors and delegates preloaded the app

  • Vote on panel debates

  • Post questions and comments on panels

  • Arrange 1-on-1 meetings with other attendees

  • Earn and manage your xCEEdium (crypto wallet)


xCEEd App launched this year with a 3-fold mission. Firstly, to enable and encourage delegates, speakers and sponsors to engage and to maximise their connections.

This was supported with an interactive speaker Q&A with over xx questions asked and over xx contact details exchanged.

This interaction will continue to be supported and encouraged by keeping the app live for the foreseeable future and continuing to add functionality and content.


Secondly the APP was the foundation for xCEEDium, holding your crypto wallet and facilitating transactions in the shop and earning through the conference.

  • Shows current xCEEdium balance

  • Shows blockchain transactions

  • Send xCEEdium by scanning QR code or providing the address

  • Receive xCEEdium – shows QR code of users’ wallet

Click here for more on xCEEDium and the Shop.

  • Number of purchases in SHOP 413

  • Rewards and scans 3017

  • Delegate to delegate scans 1142

  • Exhibitor stands scans 939

  • .
  • Total xceediums earned 2,214,126

  • Total xceediums spent 1,106,169

  • Average earned per delegate 11,070

  • Average spent by delegate 5,530.85

  • .
  • Questions on panels 226

  • Number of votes 502

  • Members ratings 134

  • Average member rating 4.89

  • .


Google Play (Android) or the AppStore (iOS)

For more info about the app please contact our official partner Paneleven Team