xCEEd 2018


xCEEd Conference are proud to lead the way in Fintech by being the first to offer their own event-based cryptocurrency – xCEEdium!

Based on the latest innovations in Blockchain technology, xCEEdium has become a currency in its own right, and can soon be bought and sold like any other fiat or cryptocurrency! Launching at the xCEEd Conference in 2018, xCEEdium will allow delegates a chance to have a first-hand experience of cryptocurrencies in a tangle and fun way. Delegates will also purchase their conference tickets with xCEEdium!

Registration for the conference is a simple process:

  1. You choose how many tickets you want
  2. We’ll tell you how much (in xCEEdiums) the tickets will cost, and the converted cost in Euros
  3. You pay for the tickets in Euros and we’ll convert the currency to xCEEdiums on your behalf
  4. We’ll automatically send the tickets to your email address
  5. We will also open a digital wallet for you, where you can purchase more xCEEdiums to use at the conference!

We currently have Standard Tickets on sale for 600 XCE (€150) and Business Class Tickets on sale for 2600 XCE (€650). But be quick, tickets are at an early-bird discounted rate!

So what exactly is xCEEdium?

xCEEdium is a digital cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain, which is a public ledger of all transactions using a this currency. Think of xCEEdium as a currency we’ve created just for the conference, but a currency that has an actual transferable value to fiat currency.

But what is the Blockchain?

Users of xCEEdiums will be able to see their transactions on the Blockchain – a public ledger of all transactions – enabling a perfect history of each coin, who spent it, where it was spent, and what it was used to purchase. Think of the ledger like a public balance sheet for your wallet!

How much are xCEEdiums worth?

xCEEdium currently has a value of 1 XCE ≈ €0.25. That means our Standard Tickets are €150, which is the same as 600 xCEEdiums (XCE).

How do I get xCEEdiums into my wallet?

There are 2 ways; you can either earn xCEEdiums at the conference by attending stands, or you can buy them outright with card payments.

What can I spend my xCEEdiums on?

You’ll be able to buy many things at the conference! We’ll reveal more details closer to the time, but anything from the shop can be purchased with your XCE. If you don’t spend them all, you can simply convert them back to fiat currency after the conference!

Who controls the currency?

The use of xCEEdium will be governed by a “smart contract”, which will determine how many coins can exist, each coin’s value (how many Euros per coin), how the coins can be spent, and how they can be converted back to fiat currency.

Why are you converting Euros to xCEEdiums when I buy a ticket?

This is part of our demonstration of cryptocurrencies. You buy the ticket in Euros, but we’ll convert this to XCE and record it as your first successful cryptocurrency transaction in your new digital wallet! Using xCEEdiums are that easy – just buy the amount you want, then just spend them however you want!