xCEEd 2018

When and Where   

22nd – 23th May
Hotel Metropol, Belgrade

Attending xCEEd means you do not need to worry about transport. From the moment you arrive in Belgrade, be it via air, road or rail, a member of our team will meet you and take you to your hotel. Transport is provided for all xCEEd activities, so you have more time to enjoy our conference.

Why Belgrade?


Belgrade’s long and storied history is suggested by its architecture, which varies from Byzantine and Ottoman to neoclassic and romantic buildings in the older neighborhoods, and from Art Nouveau to brutalism and neo-Byzantine design in New Belgrade. The city’s many theaters, museums, monuments and opera houses boast a deep and fissured cultural life while the beaches and rivers attract sunbathers, sports enthusiasts and partygoers on the popular floating river barges that serve as nightclubs.

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Traveling to Belgrade?

FB Travel Ltd is our host ground handler dealing with all xCEEd delagate and speaker travel requirements. Feel Belgrade has its own travel portal www.feelbelgrade.com which offers you a wide selection of services you can access to taylor your stay in Belgrade and Serbia to make it perfect for you. As part of the Feel Belgrade Travel group, we have Feel Belgrade Apart Hotel and Avanturist caffe-bar as they are part of our family we can ensure a consistent high standard of service. 
The Feel Belgrade Team is a hand selected group of highly educated professionals with over 12 years experience in tourism. FB Travel’s mission and goal is to provide the best possible service for xCEEd delegates, speakers and guests. The core purpose of Feel Belgrade Travel is to offer a selection of accommodation (hotels, apartments, etc), sightseeing tours and excursions, transportation services as well as providing a comprehensive and informative guide to make the most of your time in Belgrade and Serbia. 
The Feel Belgrade portal is available at www.feelbelgrade.com It allows you to browse any of the services (sight seeing tours, excursions, accommodation, or transfers) or learn more about key destinations you may want to visit in Belgrade or Serbia.  The Feel Belgrade Team will will be on hand to make your stay in Belgrade exciting and memorable.
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